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A Family Room Designed for Fun

In a few, short months, I’m building a family room onto my house. When the construction is complete, I’ll have both a formal living room and a casual family room. I want to make my family room a fun place for everyone to hang out in. I plan to buy a comfortable couch and a couple of oversized chairs to put in the room. My husband is also interested in mounting a large-screen television on the wall in this new space. One side of the room will be dedicated to exercise. I’ll be placing my treadmill, elliptical trainer, and stationary bike on this side of the room. To add interest to the space, I’m purchasing some whimsical wall hangings. On this blog, I hope you will discover some stress-free tips for designing a family room. Enjoy!


Just Moved Into Your First Place With Hardwood Floor? 3 Ways To Prevent Damage

5 April 2017
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Taking care of hardwood flooring in your home can take some effort, especially so if you've never had hardwood flooring before. With the fact that hardwood floors are typically more expensive than carpeting and can be scratched up if not cared for properly, you need to make sure to take special care of the floors as soon as you move in. Whether the place you're moving to is a house or a rented apartment, the following tips can all help ensure that the hardwood floors stay in pristine condition. Read More …

5 Ways to Pull of a Home Staging

28 March 2017
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Staging a home isn't just for new construction homes for sale, you can stage your home as well to make it look nicer, help it sell faster and get your selling price. You don't want your house sitting on the market for too long, this means more money out of your pocket to keep it listed, and more expenses to keep up your home while it's on the market. It will be worth the investment to stage your home if it sells quickly. Read More …