Just Moved Into Your First Place With Hardwood Floor? 3 Ways To Prevent Damage

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Just Moved Into Your First Place With Hardwood Floor? 3 Ways To Prevent Damage

5 April 2017
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Taking care of hardwood flooring in your home can take some effort, especially so if you've never had hardwood flooring before. With the fact that hardwood floors are typically more expensive than carpeting and can be scratched up if not cared for properly, you need to make sure to take special care of the floors as soon as you move in. Whether the place you're moving to is a house or a rented apartment, the following tips can all help ensure that the hardwood floors stay in pristine condition.

Place Soft Pads Underneath Furniture

When you're going to be placing furniture on your hardwood floors, it's a smart idea to add soft pads to the bottom of the furniture pieces. Many people make the mistake of forgetting the need to have soft furniture protectors, leading to the furniture scraping the floors. Before placing a table, dresser, or any other piece of furniture, take your time to add soft pads that can ensure that no scraping occurs when you move furniture.

Lay Down Rugs for Extra Protection

When you're still in the process of bringing furniture into your home, you might want to add some rugs. Placing a rug underneath heavy furniture can help ensure that the hardwood floors aren't going to be damaged along the way and it will also adding some extra protection from scratches and other damage later on. You may not be used to how hardwood flooring can squeak under the weight of your feet as you walk around, making rugs a perfect option for absorbing the sound as well. Their ease of cleaning, especially with darker colors of rugs is another thing to keep in mind when considering buying a rug.

Keep Up with Routine Polishing

When you're preparing to move into your new home with hardwood flooring, it's a smart idea to get familiar with what's involved in cleaning and maintenance. By investing in products that are used for polishing the hardwood flooring, it will be much easier to keep them looking their best in the many years to come.

If you have never had hardwood flooring before, you need to get familiar with what kinds of steps need to be taken to ensure that the hardwood flooring continues to look great in the years to come. The above tips can all help ensure that the new flooring stays in good shape while you're still in the process of moving in as well. 

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