Arch Of Triumph - 5 Treatment Styles To Frame Any Arched Window

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Arch Of Triumph - 5 Treatment Styles To Frame Any Arched Window

23 May 2017
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Arched windows add a sense of style and tradition to any room. However, their shape can provide some unique decorating challenges. 

So, how can you make any arched window look great? Here are 5 treatment styles to try.

Curtains. Curtains can be used either to accentuate the arch design or to minimize it. You may want to find an arched curtain rod and hang a set of graceful swags on either side. Curving swag curtains highlight and frame the arch. On the other hand, hanging a set of straight curtains at ceiling height (often with a gorgeous crown molding) over the arch blends it in with the rest of the wall. Opening the curtains allows you to surprise guests with the arch.

Valances. The simple valance can be custom-made to fit any size or shape of window, and it adds drama without a lot of cost and without covering up the view. Want to make a bold statement that draws attention to the arch? Look for an upholstered valance in a captivating color and with a curve that matches the window. Want a softer effect? Try a light, sheer fabric or a lacy jabot.

Shutters. Wooden shutters add privacy and make a window seem more cozy. You'll likely need to have a set of arched shutters custom-made to the specifications of your window, but the result will surely impress everyone. Easily opened and closed, shutters offer energy efficiency and are both low maintenance and easy to clean. 

Accessories. You may want to simply accessorize the window with an added architectural element that caps it off. Mullions, for example, are the vertical bars between window panes, and adding them can change the entire look of the window. You may want to opt for mullions in a special shape, such as gentle curves or points.

Special Glass. If you want to skip window treatments but still provide a little privacy and decoration, trade out your regular glass panes with special glass. You may opt for colorful stained glass in part or all of the window, turning the space into a piece of art. If you're not sure about committing to a large stained glass, try installing leadwork instead. This compromise generally offers the design and style without the bright colors of the former. 

Finding the right window treatment for arched windows depends on your style and the architecture of the home. Whether you go for classic and traditional or warm and cozy, you're sure to find the perfect fit for any space.

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